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Challenge 1: NutriFitt Kettlebell Pull and Sprint

Athletes will start by pulling a weighted kettlebell 30 yards toward them using a battle rope. During the pull, athletes may sit or stand but cannot run or crawl backwards or leave the designated area while pulling the kettlebell. Once the kettlebell has crossed the designated line, athletes will then sprint to the kettlebell starting position, crossing the line. Time is recorded by the judge when the athlete crosses the finish line. Gloves are allowed to be used during this event. Athletes will get one attempt. Scoring is to two decimal places. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.

Challenge 2: Orangetheory Fitness TBD

Challenge 3: City Fit Concierge Vertical Jump

Athletes will start in a standing position with both feet in the designated area. When ready, athletes will jump up as high as they can to reach and hit the highest level they can on the vertical jump test equipment using their hand to record their vertical distance. Athletes must push off the ground with both feet at the same time and cannot get a running start. Best of two attempts is recorded. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.

Challenge 4: Nutrition Faktory TBD

Challenge 5: Camp Gladiator Burpees for Time

Athletes will start by standing on one side of the hurdle ready to perform a lateral facing burpee (as opposed to bar facing). When the judge announces go and starts the timer, athletes will perform a lateral facing burpee on the same side they started, then jump over the hurdle to perform another lateral facing burpee on the other side. This process will be repeated until the timer ends, counting down from 2 minutes. Athletes may jump over the hurdle with one or two feet and land with one or two feet. It is not required to jump and land with both feet. Athletes do not have to face the bar when jumping. The athlete's chest and thighs must touch the ground for a clean burpee to be recorded. It is not required that both feet step back or rise at the same time during the burpee. A “no rep” will be called when performed incorrectly. Athletes receive one attempt. The judge will record the achieved number. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.

Challenge 6: TrainOD Odd Object Hold

Athletes will start by holding the base of the odd object out in front of their chest with both hands and straight arms at a 90 degree angle from their body. Athletes may choose to grip the object in two ways: hands together or staggered one on top of the other. Hands must be touching one another if staggered on top of one another. Once in the correct position in front of the chest, the judge will start the timer. Athletes will hold the odd object with straight arms for as long as they physically can while the timer counts up. If the athlete drops or raises the object or their arms below or above the 90 degree threshold (as described by the judge), the timer will stop and be recorded. Athletes will not be allowed to change their grip once the timer starts. Athletes may request a second attempt if desired. Best attempt is recorded and circled by the judge. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.

Challenge 7: QNTM Fit Life Agility Ladder

For this event, cones have been placed at 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, and 34 yards from the starting line. Starting in a “ready” position behind the starting line, athletes will begin their run with a whistle from the judge. Athletes will run to the first cone at 16 yards (cone #1) and touch the line with their foot, then turn and run back, crossing the starting line with any part of your body. The judge will blow the whistle to signify the finish of the first level which also designates the start of the 10-second rest period to return to the starting line. The timing judge will then whistle to start the run to the next cone at 18 yards (cone #2). Each interval must be completed within ten seconds by crossing the original starting line with your body. Athletes will progress through each interval until they fail to cross the finish line before the ten second whistle from the judge. Their score is the last cone completed (#1-#10+). If an athlete completes cone #10, they will continue to repeat the same cone for additional points (so a score of 11, 12, etc., is possible) until they fail. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.

Challenge 8: NutriShop TBD

Challenge 9: Fleet Feet Weighted Half Mile

In order for this event to be scored, athletes must be wearing a bib with a timing chip. Athletes will race around the designated area and complete a half mile run while carrying a weighted sandbell, making sure to stay within the designated area at all times. Time is recorded electronically when the athlete (timing chip) crosses the finish line. Scoring is to two decimal places. Athletes must initial their score before leaving the area.