Athlete Guide

Q: Is there an event schedule?

If all goes according to plan, the Nashville Fit Games will take place in the morning on May 18th and end in the afternoon. We are not expected to run into the evening hours. Each age group will have a designated starting time and all athletes will be placed into a heat. Each heat will have a specific starting time. An official email and a posting to this website will provide those heat times as we near the event date.

Q: Am I allowed to bring multiple pairs of shoes?

Yes. All events will be held on grass. This area can be wet if it has rained recently or hard if there has been little rain so plan accordingly. Athletes can bring turf shoes, rubber cleats, or running shoes based on their desire, but metal spikes will not allowed.

Q: Can I carry a bag with me?

Yes. Athletes may carry a bag with them from challenge to challenge to carry any change of shoes, water, or clothing you wish to utilize throughout the day. Athletes will not be allowed to leave the event area once their heat begins so plan accordingly.

Q: Is there a charge for spectators?

No. The Nashville Fit Games is free for all spectators of any age. We encourage you to bring a friend, follow along and cheer on all athletes competing in the event. If you plan to bring a dog, they MUST be on a leash at all times.

Q: Will there be food/drinks available?

Yes. Athletes get one free meal after they’ve completed all challenges and water will be available provided by Defiance Fuel in coolers throughout the event area. Energy drinks from Red Bull will also be provided. Food is available for purchase for all spectators too.

Q: Will there be seating and shade at the event?

There will be a limited number of umbrellas and bleachers set up throughout the event area. If you desire, please plan to bring your own form of shade, like an umbrella, hat, tailgate tent, etc. Don’t forget to bring sun screen and sunglasses if you need them.

Q: Are we allowed to make changes to our team after registration?

Yes. You can substitute a team member change after registration, but this must be done before the day of the event. You must notify Nashville Fit Magazine of your change. Remember, you must have a minimum of two people and a maximum of four on your team. Email to make a team change request.

Q: How long does it take to go through all 10 challenges?

It depends on the size of your heat. Athletes should expect to be on the field for at least one hour and a half and up to two and a half hours if you are competing in a larger division like the 20s and 30s age groups.

Q: What is the order of challenges?

Athletes will complete each challenge in the order we have listed them in on the website. In between challenges, athletes will have the opportunity to recover in their own way. Everyone in your heat will move on to the next challenge together once everyone has finished. An official pack leader will direct you to the next challenge. Please stay with your group. There could be up to 5 minutes in between each event depending on the location. We will do our best to avoid bottle necking on the day of the event, but please know this may occur.

Q: Can I compete as an Individual and on a Team?

Unfortunately, no. Athletes may only compete as an individual OR on a team. Not both.

Q: Will winners be announced on the day of the event?

No. Unfortunately there are hundreds of points and scores we will collect and enter into our system on the day of the event, so winners will be announced on the website 48 hours after the event has taken place. It's important that we take our time and do not rush entering the data. You do not need to stick around for an award ceremony after you have completed all of your challenges, although you may stay as long as you’d like and cheer on the other athletes, recover, catch some shade and get some food.

Q: What is the rain-out policy?

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather. The Nashville Fit Games will take place rain or shine unless notified in advance by Nashville Fit Magazine that the field is too wet to compete on. Lighting will cause us to vacate the fields as well. If a cancellation should take place, either a back-up date will be provided or the event location will change. Please be on the lookout for this communication should bad weather occur.

How does it work?

On the day of the event, athletes will move through each challenge in the designated order as they appear on the website in their assigned heat. Each heat has an assigned pack leader who will lead you from challenge to challenge. Please stay with your group. Each athlete is responsible for knowing the rules of each challenge and how it is performed before the day of the event. Instructions will be given by the lead judge only as a review and to specify the rules.

After each challenge, athletes must sign their score card before proceeding on. Your pack leader will turn in these score cards at the end of the day. 

If you have a large age group, some athletes may be combined with other heats in order to move the event along quickly and smoothly. If you’re in a heat with competitors outside your age range, please do not worry. This is normal and you will be scored by your division, not the group you are with.

Please stay with your heat and do not stop to visit with spectators in between challenges. This is to respect the other athletes in your division and avoid causing delays. This will also ensure you hear all the rules from each head judge.

Once a heat has finished all of their challenges, participants are welcome to come and go as they please. Winners will not be announced on the day of the event. Athletes are encouraged to stay as long as they’d like and cheer on the other athletes, recover, catch some shade and get some food. Spectators are free to move from one challenge to another to cheer on participants. If you have a dog, they MUST be on a leach at all times.

How does the scoring system work?

The basics of the scoring system are fairly simple. Each athlete will receive points for each challenge competed based on their performance. The more burpees you complete, the faster you run the half mile, the higher your vertical jump, the more points you will get. Your score will be based entirely on your own performance, independent of all other competitors at the event. These points will then be added up to get a cumulative final score. Based on your overall score, athletes will be placed in a ranking system within each division. So, if Athlete X has 100 points, Athlete Y has 70 points, Athlete Z has 80 points, Athlete X is in 1st place, Athlete Z is in 2nd place and Athlete Y is in 3rd place, within their respective age groups.

Are men and women scored differently?

If you’re competing as an Individual, no. Men and women will be scored the same, but will not be compared to one another at the end of the day. Your overall score will only be compared to your age group.

If you’re competing as a Team, yes. Men and women will be scored differently, meaning there will be six different Team winners: Men’s Gym, Women’s Gym, Co-ed Gym, Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and Co-ed Open. There are no age groups in the Team division.

What’s the difference in the two Team divisions: Gym and Open?

If you’re entering the competition as a Team, you will be able to choose to compete in either the Gym Division or the Open Division. This allows for a slight separation in the level of competition you might be up against during the day. If you’re competing in the Open Division, but should be in the Gym Division, you will be notified and moved into the Gym Division.

How does the Team Division work? Does every member of the team compete in every event?

If you're signing up as a Team (no less than 2, no more than 4 athletes), each athlete must compete in at least 1 challenge throughout the day. Not everyone on the team will do each challenge though. Your team will choose who does each challenge based on their strengths and/or weaknesses, that score is recorded and then you move on to the next challenge as a team to do the next challenge. Each individual score becomes the overall team score. So for example, you might have 3 athletes on a team. One person could do challenge #1. Another could do challenge #2. And the third could do the rest of the challenges if they wanted. Or any variety of this scenario. As long as each person on the team completes at least one challenge, you can qualify to win.

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